Bo Beaver & The Dam

A short story about asking for help.

The sun was bright and the weather was cool
Bo, Blu, and Bonnie had left Beaver School
After many long years, they were trained, they were skilled
All three were ready for the dams they would build

Before they got started, Bo turned to the two
“I’ve done this before, I know what to do
I’ve built dams myself, so let it be known
Things are much better when I work alone”

When Blu brought timber, Bo told her to quit
When Bonnie packed mud, Bo told her to split
“Bo doesn’t need us,” they said with a groan
They decided to leave, so Bo worked alone

He packed all the stone and moved all the wood
He patted down mud like a good beaver should
When the rains came, Bo worked through the night
He built the dam solo, with all of his might

When the rains grew stronger, the dam became weak
The stones got slippery from water in the creek
As Bo kept working, he heard a loud CRACK
A tree trunk fell and pinned him to his back

Bo pushed and he pushed, trying to wiggle his way out
Just then, another branch came straight for his snout
Out of nowhere, it was caught— before it could land!
Bonnie and Blu were there to lend a hand

Bonnie brought mud to patch up the wall
And Blu held the wood back before it could fall
The three worked together to lift up the tree
They pushed and they pushed so Bo could break free

Bo was just fine, all thanks to his crew
“We’re stronger together” said Bonnie and Blu
“We’re here to help when you run out of steam
Things are much better when we work as a team”

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